Do you find that people don't understand you, or that you don't understand them? Do you struggle to interact with others in social settings, even one on one? Have your friends or loved ones complained that you spend too much time playing a game? Do you find yourself getting anxious or sad even when you don't seem to have a good reason for it? It is time to talk to someone who can help. You don't need to face those challenges without support. We can work together to find the tools and strengths that you need to create positive change.

Adam Johns has a focus on Geek Therapy, the specialization in working with individuals and families who are part of the geek, gamer, and tech industries. By having a shared interest and understanding of geek, gamer, and tech culture I am able to connect and create more meaningful analogies with you that relate to the challenges that you face. It isn't just about sitting down and having a conversation, it is about helping you find the strength to make it through a difficult period in your own life or relationships.